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The Legend of Pascalda Enamel Pin

The Legend of Pascalda Enamel Pin

The Legend of Pascalda: The Sierpinski Triforce

This Legend of Zelda and mathematics mashup will thrill gamers and math nerds alike. This 1.75" wide x 1.5" tall hard enamel pin features gold plating around the odd numbers of the Pascal Triangle and enamel around the even numbers. This is one of the versions of the Sierpinski Triangle which is a fractal of Triforces inside of Triforces. It has two studs and a custom backstamp on the back.

This pin will come on a custom backer card made just for this pin. Fractals are objects with similar patterns that recur at progressively smaller scales. As the Pascal Triangle grows, this pattern continues to show itself. This is further revealed as a small surprise on the backer card.

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