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Faction Battle Flags

$10.00 - $19.00
Faction Battle Flags

These 1.75" hard enamel pins represent war-torn battle flags for the Horde and Alliance factions. These regal standards have seen the realities of combat. Lead your party into battle with these pins!

Show your bi-faction pride and buy the bundle! The bundle comes on a large custom backer card featuring all of Azeroth.

The Horde pin has a polished black nickel finish -- $10.00

The Alliance pin is in a polished gold plated finish -- $10.00

The bundle comes with one of each -- $19.00

Show off your PvP battle prowess with our PvP Enamel Pins!

Matching Alliance Faction Battle Flag Sticker.

Matching Horde Faction Battle Flag Sticker.