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PvP Enamel Pins

$9.00 - $27.00
PvP Enamel Pins

The Mark of Honor pin is gold plated in an antique finish and 0.75" tall. This pin represents your contribution made in battle. One stud on the back.

The PWN Flag is a 1.75" tall hard enamel pin plated in black nickel. It is inspired by the Flag of Ownership. Plant this flag on your opponent's dead body. *THWOMP* There are raised runes of power that run around the pole of the flag. No one knows their origin, but we feel their effects. Two studs on the back.

The Tea Bag is a 1.25" tall hard enamel pin, plated in black nickel, and with screen printing. Although this tea bag has already been used, the taste is so much sweeter to the victor who is serving it up, than the one receiving it. Two studs on the back.

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All of these make great gifts for your frenemies!

Mark of Honor -- $9.00

PWN Flag -- $10.00

Tea Bag -- $10.00

PvP Bundle (3 pins, one of each in the set) -- $27.00

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